Wamatangi Foundation
Transforming Peoples Lives Since 2006


Our Impact

Wamatangi Foundation was started as a noble idea to supply Kiambu residents with water tanks and encourage rain water harvesting. The foundation has helped over 100,000 people. The ultimate agenda of the foundation is to transform the lives of people living in Kiambu County.

Since 2006, the Wamatangi Foundation has realized the following impact:

Water Tank Donation

41 SMEs and 15 Cooperatives have accessed the matching grant for the implementation of climate change adaptation practices & technologies in their respective value chains.

Free Computer Classes

The foundation has invested in education, giving free computer and IT lessons to form four candidates to prepare them for life after school.

Affordable Health care for senior citizens

Wamatangi Foundation helping the sick, elderly and aged across different parts of Kiambu County access better healthcare.

Supporting youth activities

Smallholder farmers have adopted and or applied two or more climate resilient farming practices on their farms.

Community Service Vans

The foundation has several vans that are given out Fueled and with a driver to ferry people during funerals, football matches and music festivals among other social events.

Covid -19 Sensitization

Women and youth have been employed in partner agribusiness SMEs, cooperatives & farmers' groups.